Printed Trial Accounts

One of the best sources for those doing research on Anglo-American law are the printed reports of trials produced by the armful during the 17th-19th centuries. Many commercial databases like Gale's excellent "The Making of Modern Law: Trials, 1600-1926"provide access to these texts but they are otherwise often  difficult to locate. This is even more the case for British India. To try and remedy this I've started to put together a beginner's bibliography of printed cases and trials taking place in British India  prior to 1900. This is not meant to be exhaustive and I hope to add titles as I'm informed of them. I've added the name of at least one library or repository where each of these texts can be found though they may also be held at others (for a guide to library abbreviations see below). In addition, I've included links to the full text of these printed cases where they are available freely online.
I've broken these printed reports into three  categories:

General Criminal and Civil Trials

Courts Martial

Divorce cases

Printed Criminal and Civil Trials from British India (to 1900)

  • [1775, Calcutta] The three works below record the infamous trial of Nandakumar before the Supreme Court of Judicature at Calcutta in 1775:
  1. The trial of Maha Rajah Nundocomar, Bahader, for forgery. Published by authority of the supreme court of judicature in Bengal. (London : T. Cadell, in the Strand, 1776), 119 pp. BL ECCO. [HathiTrust]
  2. The trial of Joseph Fowke, Francis Fowke, Maha Rajah Nundocomar, and Roy Rada Churn, for a conspiracy against Warren Hastings, Esq. and that of Joseph Fowke, Maha Rajah Nundocomar, and Roy Rada Churn, For a Conspiracy against Richard Barwell, Esq. To which are prefixed, Several Depositions; and An Examination into the Claim of Roy Rada Churn to the Privilege of an Ambassador, as Vakeel of Mubarick Ul Dowla. (London: T. Cadell, 1776). BL ECCO [see PDF of reprint in 20 State Trials 1078-1226 (1816)]
  3. A narrative of facts leading to the trials of Maha Rajah Nundocomar and Thomas Fowke for conspiracies against Governor Hastings and Richard Barwell, Esqrs. Members of the Supreme Council at Bengal; and to the Trial of Maha Rajahnundocomar, for Forgery: with some Extraordinary Anecdotes pending and subsequent to those Prosecutions. In which are Introduced the Genuine Addresses of the Grand Jury, European and Armenian Inhabitants of Calcutta to Sir Elijah Impey, Knt. Chief Justice, and the Other Judges of the Supreme Court of Judicature; with Their Lordships’ Answers: also, Some Pertinent Remarks on Trade in Bengal. By a gentleman resident in Calcutta. (London : [1776]), 31 pp. BL ECCO.
  • [1775, Bombay] A plain and circumstantial account of the transactions between Capt. Roche and Lieut. Ferguson, from their first meeting to the death of Lieut. Ferguson. To which is added, the trial and depositions at the Cape of Good Hope, where Capt. Roche was acquitted : also his second apprehension; and the judicial proceedings of the governor and Council of Bombay. (London, 1775). 92 pp. BL ECCO
  • [1777, Madras] The following printed accounts detail the failed attempt to try Stratton, Floyer, Brooke, and Mackay in the death of George Pigot, the sometime Governor of Madras:
  1. Original papers; with an authentic state of the proofs and proceedings before the coroner's inquest, which was assembled at Madras, upon the death of Lord Pigot, on the 11th day of May 1777; likewise the subsequent proofs and proceedings before the justices at Madras, with the opinions of the judges of the Supreme Court of judicature in Bengal. To the whole are subjoined, the defence of Mr. Stratton, and the other members of Council, accused by the verdict of the coroner's inquest; and the sparate defence of Brigadier-General Stuart, for himself and the military under his command, & c. (London, 1778), 254 pp. BL ECCO. Includes many of the separately printed documents below. [HathiTrust]
  2. Defences of George Stratton, Esq; and the Majority of Council at Madras, in Answer to the Accusation Brought Against Them for the supposed Murder of Lord Pigot.(London: Printed for T. Cadell, 1778), 55 pp. HLS - MML
  3. Mr. Floyer's case in the late disputes at Madras. (London, 1778?), 15 pp. BL ECCO.
  4. Case of Lord Pigot. (London : s.n., 1779). BL ECCO.
  • [1779, Calcutta] A supplement to the Cossijurah and Shawpore case. (London?, 1780?). Recorded in the 1888 catalog of the India Office Library - not traced today. For more on this case before the Supreme Court in Calcutta see Jain, pp. 116-121.
  • [1780, London] The following tracts record the proceedings in England against the accused murderers of Lord Pigot after the failure to convict in Madras:
  1. An abstract of the trial of George Stratton, Henry Brooke, Charles Floyer, and George Mackay, Esquires, for deposing the Rt. Hon. Lord Pigot, late governor of Fort St. George, in the East Indies. (London : printed for J. Murray; and W. Davis, 1780). BL ECCO.   
  2. Court of King’s Bench, 20th Dec. 1779. The King against Stratton, &c. The Earl of Mansfield’s charge to the jury on the trial of an information filed by the Attorney-General. From Mr. Gurney’s short-heand notes. (London, 1780?) National Library of Scotland
  3. Case of Mr. Paul Benfield, with the opinions of Lord Loughborough, Mr. Dunning, Mr. Macdonald, and Mr. Hargrave. With an extract of the opinion of the Court of King’s Bench, in delivering judgment in the case of the King against Stratton and others; and the affidavit of Paul Benfield, Esq. (London, 1781?). BL ECCO
  • [1780, Calcutta] Narrative of the proceedings of the Provincial Council at Patna, in the Suit of Behader Beg against Nadara Begun: and of the Supreme Court of Judicature at Calcutta, In the Suit of Nadara Begum against Behader Beg and others, And in the Criminal Prosecution instituted against Nadara Begum and her Accomplices for Forgery: Forming together what is generally called in Bengal the Patna Cause. (London : s.n., 1780?), BL ECCO. The NAI appears to have a 1799 Calcutta imprint of this title 79 pp. - see Kaul 642

  • [1780, Dacca] An account of an arrest, made at Dacca, in Bengal, under sanction of the British Supreme Court; and a rescue made by the Head Fouzdar. (London?, 1781). BL ECCO.
  • [1782, Calcutta]. The tryal and conviction of James Augustus Hicky. Printer of the Bengal Gazette before the Supreme Court of Judicature at Calcutta in Bengal (Calcutta : printed in the office of the mission [by John Zakariah Kiernander], 1782), 32 pp. Niedersachsische State and University Library, Gottingen. This was the first trial narrative to be published in Calcutta itself - see Shaw 13a.
  • [1785, Calcutta] The following two works record a murder trial at Calcutta:
  1. The defence of Humphrey Sturt; Esquire, on a charge exhibited against him for murder, as delivered by him at his trial before the Supreme Court of Judicature at Calcutta, in Bengal, on Friday, the 17th of June, 1785. (Calcutta, 1785). Cambridge University - ECCO.
  2. A letter from Sir John Day, Judge Advocate of Calcutta, relative to a charge of murder exhibited against Humphrey Ashley Sturt, Esq. With the defence of the said Humphrey Ashley Sturt, Esq. as delivered by him at his trial before the Supreme Court of Judicature at Calcutta, in Bengal, on Friday, the 17th of June, 1785. Together with two extracts from the Calcutta Gazette. (Salisbury : printed by E. Easton, 1786), 40 pp. National Library of Scotland.
  • [1788, Calcutta] The whole of the proceedings, in the cause of Francis B. Thomas, plaintiff; against John Bristow, defendant; in the Supreme Court of Judicature, at Fort William, in Bengal, containing The Court Martial, The Pleadings. The Plaintiff’s Case, and Evidence in Support of it, The Defence, with the Arguments of Council in Support Thereof. The Reply, by the Plaintiff’s Senior Council, Together with the Opinion of the Judges, Delivered Seriatim. (Calcutta, 1788). BL ECCO

  • [1789, Madras] The Case of Mr. C. Fenwick, Late Commander of the Success Galley, An Armed Ship employed by the Madras Government, During the Late War. (London, 1789). HLS - MML
  • [1790, Calcutta] The trial of the proprietors of the Asiatic mirror, for the publication of a libel against Sir Paul Jodrell, knight; in which the whole of the evidence, and the different arguments of counsel, are given at length. (Calcutta: the Mirror Press, 1790). Not traced see Shaw 160.
  • [1792, Madras] The trial of Avadanum Paupiah, Bramin, dubash to John Hollond, Esq. ... and to his brother Edward John Hollond, Esq. ... of Avadanum Ramah Sawmy, Bramin, ... Sunkaraporam Vencatachillah Chitty, and Oppeyengar, Bramin, for a conspiracy against David Haliburton, Esq. a senior merchant in the service of the East India Company, ... of which conspiracy they were all convicted ... July 1792. (Calcutta, 1792). Reprinted in London, 1793. BL ECCO.
  • [1804, Bombay] The Trial of Captain William Smith, of the Hon. the East-India Company’s Battalion of Artillery, for Criminal Conversation with Mrs. Mary Bond, Wife of Lieutenant Charles John Bond, of the Same Corps; Before Sir Benjamin Sulivan, Knight, Recorder, and a Special Court, Assembled at Bombay, February 13, 1804. (London, 1805), 69 pp. HLS - MML

  • [1805, Bombay] The whole proceedings of an Information exhibited at the instance of the Honourable the East-India Company, against Robert Henshaw, Esq. Custom-Master of Bombay, for Corruption in Office, and receiving presents, in violation of the Act 33 Geo. 111, Cap. 52. Tried by a special Jury, in the Court of the Recorder of Bombay, on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 1805, and the three following days, before the Hon. Sir James Mackintosh, Knt. Recorder. (Edinburgh: Printed by Alex Lawrie and Co., 1807). HLS - MML. Also printed London, 1807. [HathiTrust] 
  •  [1806, Calcutta] The trial of Henry St. George Tucker, esq., for an assault, with intent to commit a rape, on the person of Mrs. Dorothea Simpson : held in the Supreme Court of Judicature, at Fort William, in Bengal before the Lord Chief Justice, Sir Henry Russell, Sir John Royds, and Sir William Burroughs, on Tuesday, September 9, 1806, and following day ; including the whole of the evidence, speeches of counsel, &c. &c. / taken in short hand. (London, 1810). 195 pp. LOC.

  • [1807, Bombay] Trials of Capt. J. G. Richardson with his Notes of Reference and Explanation. In 1888 India Office Library catalog but untraced today.
  • [1810, Bombay] The following two accounts detail the trial of Charles Briscoe at Bombay in 1810 
  1.  The Trial of Charles Joseph Briscoe, Esquire, Justice of the Peace, and Superintendent of Police, for the Town and Island of Bombay (for having conspired with others to suppress evidence of the conspiracy to murder George Coming Osborne) ... before the Hon'ble Sir James Mackintosh, Kt. Recorder ... on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of November 1810. (Bombay: Printed at the Gazette Press, by M. D. Cruz, Number 2, Nesbitt’s Lane, 1811), 251 pp. MML-HLS
  2. The petition to his majesty the king George III, from C. J. Briscoe, superintendent of the Police of Bombay, soliciting pardon for certain offences, he was convicted of , with copy of pardon granted. (n.p.)(n.d.). NLI 
  • [1810, Madras] A Short narrative of the circumstances attending the late trials in the Supreme Court of Judicature at Madras : for forgery, perjury, and conspiracy to cheat, with some comments on the unjustifiable allusions made to them in the recent official pamphlet in defence of the Madras Government. (London: Printed for J. Ridgway, 1810), 103 pp. HLS - MML. [HathiTrust]
  • [1814, Madras] The following texts relate to the legal travails of Robert Sherson at Madras:
  1. Report of the pleadings and judgments in the Supreme court, equity side, Madras, in East India co. v. Robert Sherson and others, for alleged frauds in the grain dept. (London, 1814). BL/IOR.
  2. Examination of Mr. Sherson's case, written in 1810, with the opinions of the Judges of the Supreme Court of Judicature at Madras on his Trial. (London, 1815). Lincoln's Inn
  • [1816, Calcutta]  Second Edition. Edward Brightman, Esq., versus Henry Probatt, Esq. : for criminal conversation with plaintiff's wife : at the sittings after the second term, Supreme Court--Calcutta, on the 6th April, 1818 : damages laid 50,000rs., verdict—8000rs. (n.p., n.d.). NYCBA - MML
  • [1817, Calcutta] Report of the Proceedings of the Supreme Court of Judicature at Fort William in Bengal in its Admiralty Jurisdiction in the Case of George Collier as well for himself as for the King versus the cutter Dispatch on Tuesday, for fourth of February 1817, compiled from the Notes of different Gentlemen who attended at the Trial, and carefully corrected and revised. ( Calcutta: Printed for The Proprietors of The Mirror Press, by P. Crichton, No. 9, Old Court House Street, c.1825?), 48 pp. HLS - MML
  • [1817, Calcutta]The defence of Mr. John Warton, formerly a captain in the Bengal army : intended to have been addressed to the jury on his trial in the Supreme Court of Judicature at Fort William in Bengal, on the 1st July 1817. (Calcutta: Gazeteer office,1817) 24 pp. Glasgow - JSTOR
  • [1818, Calcutta] In the Supreme Court of Judicature, Fort William, Bengal : argument of Francis Macnaghten, Knt ... in the cause of Jacob Joseph, plaintiff versus Rowand Ronald et alii, defendants, on Friday the 27th of March, 1818. (Serampore : Mission Press, 1818), xiv, 86 pp. Penn

  • [1824, Bombay] Erskine : master in equity and clerk to the court of small causes, Bombay, in the court of the recorder on a charge of bribery and corruption. (Bombay, 1824) NLI.
  • [1827, Calcutta] Case of Baboo Ram Doss and Baboo Ramchurn Loll against the East India Company. (London,1827). BL/IOR.
  • [1828, Bombay] Supreme Court at Bombay re the matter of habeas corpus for Bappojee Gunness (Bombay,1828). Serampore.
    • [1829, Madras] Moorat v. Theodore in the Supreme Court of Equity, Madras, March 24, 1829. (n.p. "Extracted from the Government Gazette, 1829). Lincoln's Inn.
    • [1830, Madras] Papers connected with the case of Thomas Hervey Baber, Esq., late chief judge of the Provincial Court, Western Division, Madras Territories. (London?, 1831). BL/IOR also JSTOR.
    • [1831, Bombay] Trial of John Croft Hawkins, Esquire, acting commander in the Hon’ble Company Indian Navy for Piracy; by purchasing, and carrying away, on board the Hon’ble Company’s sloop of war Clive, Thirty-Four Negro Slaves, from the East Coast of Africa. (Bombay, The Gazette Press, [1831]).  Not traced. Formerly Birmingham Law Society Library. Their sale, Bonhams, 2 October 2001, lot 1085.
    • [1834, Purnea] Proceedings held in the case of Alexander Imlach, under Sec. III of Regulation V of 1827, by the Collector of Purnea (Calcutta, 1834). NLI
    • [1837, Jaipur] Abstract of state trials, held, under special commission, at Jyepoor:for the trial of the ex-minister Sunghee Jotha Ram, and his brother and son, and other persons implicated in a plot to subvert the local government, resulting in an assault upon the person of Major N. Alves ... and the murder of Mr. Martin Blake ... giving a general view of the proceedings of the Special Court. (Calcutta, 1837). Four different editions all Calcutta, 1837. BL/IOR also HeinOnline.
    • [1844, Bombay] A Detailed Report of The Proceedings on The Trial of The Eighteen Parsee Prisoners for Murder, Before The Supreme Court, Bombay, on Wednesday, July 17, 1844. (London: Samuel Clarke, 1845), 118 pp. HLS - MML
    • [1844, Madras] A short statement relative to the proceedings in the Supreme Court of Madras, in the case of the Queen v. H.C. Newland. (Madras : Printed at the Military Male Orphan Press, 1844), 12 + viii pages. BL
    • [1847, Bombay] "Case of M. Cursetjee removed from assistant-collectorship of customs" (Bombay, 1847), 46 pp. Listed in Francis Edwards, Catalogue of books, pamphlets, maps, views, &c. relating to the geography, ethnology, history, antiquities, statistics, politics, commerce, &c. of India, (London, 1904), no. 5585 - Untraced.
    • [1847, Madras] Vindication of the judges who decided the case of James Minchin, Esq. in the Supreme Court, Madras. (Madras : Printed at the American Mission Press, 1847). HLS
    • [1847, Dacca] Translation of the Proceedings Held in Two Cases Tried in 1847 before The Session Judge of Dacca, in which Doodoo Meea and his Followers, Belonging to the Seet of Hadjees of Ferazees, were Charged with Unlawful Assemblage, Attended with Wounding, Plunder, Arson, &c. (Calcutta: W. Ridsdale, Military Orphan Press, 1848), 370 pp. HLS - MML
    • [1847, Calcutta] The trial of Master Pilot James Button Filby at a marine court reported by Henry Richardson (Calcutta: W. Ridsdale, Military Orphan Press, 1848), 55 pp. Serampore.
    • [1848, Calcutta] Correspondence and Documents Relating to the Suspension of W. P. Grant, Esq. from the Office of Master in the Supreme Court of Judicature, at Fort William, in Bengal, on the 6th June, 1848. (Calcutta: W. Ridsdale, Military Orphan Press, 1848), 127 pp. HLS - MML
    • [1849, Delhi] Trial of Moolraj, formerly Nazim of Mooltan : with the proceedings of a special military commission assembled at Mooltan, for the trial of the murderer of Mr. Vans Agnew, C.S., and Lieutenant Anderson.  (Delhi : Printed at the Delhi Gazette Press by Kuniah Lall [1849]), 198 pp. Ames, also West Bengal Public Library - IA.
    • [1849, Bombay] The Lord Dufferin salvage case: Remarks on the decision of the Supreme Court, Bombay, on its admiralty side, pronounced on the 14th August 1849. (Bombay, 1849). NYPL
    • [1851, Delhi] Trial of Lalla Jotee Pershad and others: reported for the Delhi Gazette. (Delhi: Printed at the Gazette Press, by Kunniah Lall,1851), 189 pp. Duke
    • [1851, Madras] The Case of Lutchmee Ummall, Containing Four Letters Originally Published In The Athenæum, Together with A Full Account of The Proceedings In The Supreme Court, And Copies of The Affidavits on Both Sides. (Madras: Printed and Published by Pharoah and Co., Athenæum Press, Mount Road. 1851), 54 pp. HLS - MML
    • [1852, Calcutta] Papers in the case of William Blunt versus the managers of the Bengal Civil Service Annuity Fund. [Calcutta] : F. Carbery, Bengal Military Orphan Press, 1852, 48 pp. Cambridge.
    • [1852, Calcutta] Report of the Trial in the Supreme Court at Fort William in Bengal, of the case of the Queen, on the prosecution of Joygopaul Chatterjea against W.N. Hedger, for conspiracy and perjury. (Calcutta: Sanders, Cones, and Co., 1852).  West Bengal Public Library - IA (see Kaul 599). 
    • [1853, Surat and Bombay] The following publications all cover the case of Mir Ja'afar 'Ali claimaint to the title of Nawab of Surat:
    1. Precis of the Great Surat Case illustrating the mode in which justice is occasionally administered in Western India. (Bombay, 1853), 36 pp. Listed in Francis Edwards, Catalogue of books, pamphlets, maps, views, &c. relating to the geography, ethnology, history, antiquities, statistics, politics, commerce, &c. of India, (London, 1904), no. 6387 - Untraced.
    2. Papers relating to an investigation into the right of inheritance to certain private property of the late Nawab of Surat. (Bombay: Bombay Gazette Press, 1853), 138 pp. BL
    3. The Case of Meer Jaffur Alee, Khan Bahadoor of Surat (Observations on the Case of Meer Jafur Ali Khan, Bahadoor of Surat [by R.K. Arbuthnot]) (London, 1855). BL
    4. The Case of Meer Jafur Alee (London, 1856), 47 pp. BL
    • [1855, Bombay] Wittoba Mularjee versus Corfield [Vithoba Malhari v. Arthur King Corfield]. (Bombay, ?). Listed in 1888 India Office Library Catalog - Untraced.
    • [1856, Calcutta] The celebrated Nagpore case; or, Ouseley vs. Plowden : containing all details of the grievances of the ranees. (Calcutta : Sanders, Cones & Co., 1856), 66 pp. NLA [1888 India Office catalog also reports a Bombay imprint of the proceedings]

    • [1857, Calcutta] Trial of Francis Silvestre Very, Edward Real, Theodore Ridgeway and William Stiltz for the murder of Mr. James Knox, January 1st 1851 : including the proceedings held at the coroner’s inquest and the Supreme Court : reprinted from the daily newspapers : with illustrations. (Calcutta : Printed by Saunders and Co., [1857?]). Ames
    • [1858, Delhi] The following all print the proceedings of the trial of Bahadur Shah II, the last Mughal emperor:
    1.  Proceedings of the trial of Muhammad Bahadur Shah, Titular King of Delhi, before a military commission, upon a charge of rebellion, treason and murder : held at Delhi on the 27th day of January 1858 and following days. (Calcutta : J. Gray, Calcutta Gazette Office, 1858). LOC 
    2. Trial of Muhammad Bahadur Shah, Titular King of Delhi, and of Mogul Beg, and Hajee, all of Delhi, for rebellion against the British Government, and murder of Europeans during 1857. (Lahore: Punjabi Printing Company, 1870), 329 pp. HLS.
    3.  Proceedings on the Trial of Muhammad Bahadur Shah. titular King of Delhi, before a military commission, upon a charge of rebellion, treason, and murder. (Calcutta, 1895), 177 pp. BL
    • [1858, Patna] Correspondence connected with the removal of Mr. W. Tayler from the Commissionership of Patna. Correspondence connected with the arrest and trial of Lootf Ali Khan, a banker in Patna. Mr. Tayler's orders under which the officers at Gya, Mozufferpore, Barh, Nowada, Sherghotty, and Chumparun abandoned their stations. Remarks by Mr. Samuells on Mr. W. Tayler's "Brief narrative of events" connected with his removal. (Calcutta : John Gray, Calcutta Gazette Office, 1858). BL
    • [1858, Madras] A Report of The Case of Kamachee Boye Sahiba, versus The East India Company and Others, Heard in The Supreme Court of Madras, Drawn Up from Notes of Counsel and The Reporter. (Madras: Printed by Pharoah and Co., Athenæum Press, Mount Road.,1858), 116 pp. HLS - MML
    •  [1858, Jessore] Case of Guru Dass Rai and Another versus Ram Rutton Rai and others decided in the Judge's Court of Jessore on the 18th December 1858. (Calcutta: Printed by Sanders, Cones, and Co., 1859),  63 pp. Oxford.
    • [1859, Calcutta] A Few Notes on a Recent Trial illustrative of Mofussil Judicature. By a Bengal Zemindar [i.e. Jayakṛishṇa Mukhopādhyāya]. MS. notes [by the author]. (Calcutta, 1859), 36 pp. BL
    • [1860, Burdwan] Police torture and murder in Bengal. Reports of two trials of the police of the District of Burdwan, in August and September 1860, confirmed by the Sudder Nizamut. (Calcutta : Savielle & Cranenburgh, Bengal Printing Co., 1861). Ames
    • [1861, Calcutta] The two publications below relate to the case of James Long and the suits against him by indigo planters.
    1. The Trial of Rev. James Long for the Publication of the "Nil Durpan." (London, 1861). BL/IOR
    2. A compendious history of the indigo planting, together with an account of the trial of the Revd. James Long.  (Calcutta : Published by Omer Nauth Chutturjee. Printed at the Calcutta Union Press, no. 6, Wellington Street, 1861), 42 pp. BL
    • [1862, Bombay] Report of The Maharaj Libel Case. and of The Bhattia Conspiracy Case. Connfoted with it Jadunathjee Brizrattanjee Maharaj vs. Karsandass Mooljee, Editor and Proprietor, and Nanabhai Rustamji Ranina, Printer, "Satya Prakash." (Bombay: Printed at The Bombay Gazette Press. 1862), 227 pp. HLS - MML.[HathiTrust]
    • [1864, Calcutta] Report of the case of Sreenam Chunder Day versus Gopal Chunder Chuckerbutty, in the High Court by John Cochrane, Esq. (Calcutta : Printed at the Bengal Central Press, 1864), 68 pp. Cambridge?
    • [1865, Calcutta] The following two publications record the proceedings of the Calcutta suit Thakooranee Dosse v. Bisheshur Mookerjee, et al
    1. Judgments in the Rent Case, delivered by the High Court, June 19th, 1865. (Calcutta : O.T. Cutter, Military Orphan Press, 6, Bankshall Street, [1865]),  [2], 91, [1] , BL
    2. Observations on the judgments of the High Court in the rent case.  (Calcutta : Printed at the Hindoo Patriot Press, 1865), 53 + 1. BL 
    • [1865, Calcutta?] Report of the case of the queen on the prosecution of Mr. C. Smears of Doorgapre Factory, Zillah Nuddea versus Moheschunder Chatterjee and others. (Calcutta : J.C. Bose and Co., Stanhope Press, 1865), 91 pp. Cambridge?
    • [1865, Maulmain] The great Mhineloongyee case : in the Court of the Recorder of Maulmain, Regular Suit no. 153 of 1865 : plaintiffs, Ko Khine of Maulmain, timber trader ... [et al.] versus defendants, Robert Campbell Burn, of Maulmain, merchant ... [et al.].  (Maulmain : Observer Press, 1866), 83+ lxxii pages. Cambridge, Uttarpara Jaykrishna Public Library, Hooghly - IA
    • [1865, Roorkee?] The Hon'ble Mrs. Forester, Mary Ann Troup, Mary Soloroli versus the Secretary of State for India : Badshapoor suit. (Roorkee: Thomason Civil Engineering College Press, 1865), 51 pp. + maps. BL/IOR
    • [1866, Bombay] Judgment by Sir J. Arnould in the Kojah case, otherwise known as the Aga Khan case, heard in the High Court of Bombay, during April and June, 1866 : Judgment delivered, 12th November 1866. (Bombay, 1867). Text in English and Gujarati. BL/IOR
    • [1866, Calcutta] Emile Charles Robert, Joseph Alexander Charriol, and Jacques Alfred Lemettais, versus Jules Barthelemy Lombard. (Calcutta: Printed by The Bengal Printing Company, Limited, 1866), 154 pp. Text in French and English. HLS - MML
    • [1866, Calcutta] Selections from The Records of the Bengal Government. Published by Authority. No. XLII. Papers Connected with The Trial of Moulvie Ahmedoollah, of Patna, and Others, for Conspiracy and Treason. (Calcutta: Printed at the Alipore Jail Press, 1866), 172pp. HLS - MML 
    • [1866, Agra] The Trial of Captain T.N. Harward and Moonshee Mujlis Rai for Criminal Breach of Trust in the Court of the Justice of the Peace Agra. (Allahabad: Printed at the Pioneer Press, 1866), 32 pp. Private Collection. 
    • [1866, Calcutta] Public Opinion in India on the Trial of Captain T.N. Harward Royal Artillery in the Civil Courts of Bengal by the Local Government. (Cambridge: Jonathan Palmer, 1866), 56 pp. Private Collection.
    • [1866, Bombay] "Case of W.J. Windsor: alleged unjust dismissal from Q.M.G. office Bombay" (Poona, 1866). Listed in Francis Edwards, Catalogue of books, pamphlets, maps, views, &c. relating to the geography, ethnology, history, antiquities, statistics, politics, commerce, &c. of India, (London, 1904), no. 7480 - Untraced.
    • [1867, Calcutta] A Report of The Case of Koylas Chunder Mitter versus Preonauth Biswas. (Calcutta: Printed at The "Englishman" Press., 1867), 44 pp. HLS - MML
    • [1867, Poona] Report of the trial of the Poona bank forgery case. (Before F. Lloyd, Esq., session judge of Poona, and a jury.) Commenced on the 16th September, and concluded on the 23rd October, 1867. (Poona : Printed at the "Deccan Herald" Press, by Charles William Allen, [1867]), [2], 96 pages. BL.
    • [1868, Calcutta] A report of the case of Suddanund Mohapatter versus Bunmally Mohapatter, with the judgment of the court, and remarks on the same (Calcutta, Englishman Press, 1868), 17 pp. Cambridge.
    • [1868-72, Calcutta] The great Tagore will case : G.M. Tagore, versus Woopendermohun Tagore, and others : being a full report of the proceedings in the above containing the will of the late Honorable Prosonocoomar Tagore, C.S.I., the Judgment of the High Court both of original and appellate, sides, Grounds of appeal of parties in the Privy Council, Brief extract of argument in the Privy Council during hearing, and Judgment of the Lords Justices of the Privy Council. (Calcutta, 1872). BL/IOR.
    • [1869, Calcutta] Judgments of the Hon'ble the Chief Justice in the case of William Tayler. (Calcutta : Office of the Superintendent of Government Printing, 1869), 42 pp. University of Missouri Libraries.
    • [1870, Calcutta] The following printed reports contain details of the famous "Great Wahabi Trial" of 1870:
    1. The great Wahabee case : being a full report of the proceedings in the matters of Ameer Khan and Hashmdad Khan, before Justice Norman, in the High Court of Calcutta, original jurisdiction. (Calcutta: D'Rozario, 1870), 163 pp. BL/IOR. (the Indian Council for Cultural Relations in Delhi purportedly has a 77 pp. 1870 Calcutta imprint under a similar title - see Kaul 596).
    2. Report of the Proceedings in the matters of Ameer Khan and Hashmadad Khan; containing the applications for writs of Heabeas Corpus, the argument on the rule nisi, the judgment of Mr. Justice Norman, the principal acts cited in the argument, the petitions of appeal from the judgment of Mr. Justice Norman, the application for writs of mainprize, the judgment of Mr. Justice Norman, and applications for orders in the suits against Lord Mayo and Sir William Grey. (Calcutta: the Daily Examiner Press, 1871), 2 pts. 164 pp.? NAI.
    3. The Great Wahabi Case. A Full and Complete Report of the Proceedings and Debates in the Matters of Ameer Khan and Hashmadad Khan in the Crown Side of the High Court of Judicature at Fort William in Bengal, in the year 1870, A.D. (Calcutta, 1899), 192 pp. HLS - MML
    • [1870, Bombay] Parsee Priest Defamation Case. The Full Report of the Trial of Jamsetjee Sorabjee Madun for defaming Nowrojee Shapooijee Simjana. (Bombay, 1870). BL/IOR
    • [1870, Bombay] The Bank of Bombay versus the Oriental Banking Corporation. High Court, Bombay, before the Hon. Mr. Justice Westropp and the Hon. Sir C. Sargent. (Bombay: Reprinted from the Times of India, 1870). NLI (Imperial Library shelfmark 171 B. 54).
    • [1871, Bombay] Papers relating to a Case of Kidnapping in Kattywar. (Bombay, 1871). BL/IOR
    • [1873, Bombay] The Broach Boiler Explosion Case, May, 1873. The committal, trial, binding and acquittal of D. R.Ellis, Esq., Managing Director of the Anglo-Indian Ginning and Oil Press Company, Broach. (Bombay, 1874). NLI
    • [1874, Calcutta] The Queen vs. Gerald Meares. Authenticated print of the proceedings. (Calcutta, 1874). BL/IOR
    • [1875, Bombay] The Trial and Deposition of Mulhar Rao Gaekwar of Baroda. (Bombay: Compiled and Printed at the Bombay Gazette Steam Press, 1875), 269 pp. HLS - MML. Extended reprint of proceedings in the case published Calcutta, 1905 [HathiTrust]
    • [1875, Madras] The Madras Law Journal Supplement: The Pittapore Case. (Madras: Printed by H. Plumbe, Superintendent, Lawrence Asylum Press, c.1875), 136 pp. HLS - MML
    • [1877, Berhampore] Judgment in the case of Bungshidhur Mohata vs.C. D. C. Winter (Berhampore, 1877). NLI
    • [1878, Calcutta] A full report of the Great Adultery Case. ... Empress on the prosecution of Jogendro Nath Bose, versus Upendro Lall Bose. (Calcutta, 1878) 44 pp. BL. [NLI lists imprint as Bhowanipore]
    • [1879, Poona] Report of the trial of Wasudev Bulwant Phadkey, the notorious rebel leader before W.H. Newnham, Esq., session judge of Poona and a jury. Together with his diary and autobiography. (Poona : Printed at the "Daily Telegraph and Deccan Herald" Press, [1879]), 34 pp. BL
    • [1880, Poona] The Finding of the Magistrate in the Hindoo Widow Marriage Defamation Case (Poona, [1880?]). NLI
    • [1881, Calcutta] The following two texts relate to the Calcutta High Court case Empress v. Abdul Subhan:
    1. Bench and Bar: Reports of the appeal of Abdul Sobhan, with articles reprinted from the "Statesman" reflecting upon the treatment of his case by the High Court. (Calcutta, 1881). 22 pp. BL/IOR
    2. Proceedings on application for transfer of Bribery Cause, from the file of the Judge of Patna, High Court, Criminal Appellate Jurisdiction, with appendix. (Calcutta, 1881), 38 pp. HLS
    • [1881, Calcutta] The principal proceedings in the case of Mr. J.C. Gale of Barah Indigo Factory in Chumparan, versus Ray Gudar Sahay of Bakhra in Mozufferpur, and his dependants of Bansghat in Chumparan. [Calcutta?], 1881.  BL
    • [1882, Nudea+Calcutta] The trial of Muluk Chand for the murder of his own child: A romance of criminal administration in Bengal. (London, 1888). HLS [Google Books]
    • [1883, Calcutta] The Great Contempt Case.  Compiled by Ram Chandra Palit [A narrative of the circumstances attending the imprisonment of Surendranātha Vandyopādhyāya for contempt of the High Court of Judicature in Bengal.] (Calcutta: Printed and Published by B.C. Mozumdar at the Barat Press, Bow Bazar Street, 1883), 114 pp. HLS - MML and also West Bengal Public Library - IA
    • [1884, Calcutta] The Midnapore Ryot’s case. A full report of the case in appeal at the Calcutta High Court. (Calcutta, 1884). NLI. 
    • [1884, Calcutta] The Pigot Case, Report of The Case Pigot vs. Hastie as Before The High Court Calcutta. (Calcutta?, 1884), 413 pp. HLS - MML. Also see: Pigot v. Hastie : narrative of the trial in Calcutta, and full report of the speeches of counsel, and of Justice Wilson and the Lord Chief Justice. (Perth, 1884), 108 pp. BL 
    • [1884, Calcutta] Trial of the Krishnagar Students Being a Full Report of the Proceedings Together with Copies of the Depositions of Witnesses as Recorded by the Magistrate. (Calcutta: Printed at the Sadharan Brahmo Samaj Press, 1884), 59+39 pp. Penn 
    • [1884, Madras]. Full report of the charge of bribery and corruption, preferred against D.F. Carmichael, late senior civil member of the Government of Madras, in the Presidency magistrates' courts of Madras, by John Wallace, formerly of the Madras Civil Service. To which are added copies of memorials to the Viceroy, and Secretary of State against the order of the Madras Government suspending him for his "gross insult" to the Hon. Mr. Carmichael, and of the correspondence relating to his suspension and removal from the Madras Civil Service, together with copies of Mr. McIver's letters and the minutes of the Madras Government thereon. (Madras : Printed by Addison and Co., Mount Road, 1884), [2],x,32 pp. BL
    • [1886, Madras] Dr. G. Currie's case against the commander of the Steamer "Goorkha" and others on a charge of assault. (Madras, 1886). NLI (Imperial library shelfmark 171. A. 209).
    • [1886-1887, Madras] The following publications relate to the court proceedings and scandal around the "Garstin dacoity" case in Southern India.
    1.  The "Garstin dacoity" : being a full report of this remarkable case from its inception at Periakolam to the acquittal of the zemindar of Bodinaickamur by Sir Arthur Collins; containing a verbatim and authenticated report of Mr. Eardley Norton's speech on behalf of the zemindar. (Madras, 1886), ix, 168, xiii pp. BL
    2. Alleged unprofessional conduct of a barrister in the Garstin dacoity case tried 23rd August 1886 before a full court consisting of Sir Arthur J.H. Collins Kt. Q.C. Chief Justice Mr. Justice Kernan Q.C. Mr. Justice Muthusami Aiyer and Mr. Justice Brandt. Containing a verbatim report of the case and the judgment delivered by the Chief Justice--in extenso--as well as the observations of Mr. Justice Brandt on the 24th September 1886.  (Madras : Printed and published by the manager "Law Times" at the "Champion" Press, 24, Popham's Broadway, April 1888), 44 pp. BL
    3. The Garstin dacoity case (containing) a full report of the alleged defamation by the minor zemindar of the Guntamanaikanur tried by Mr. W.M. Scharlieb Presidency Magistrate's Court Egmore with the judgement in extenso 11th October 1887. (Madras : Printed and published by the manager "Law Times" at the "Champion" Press, 24, Popham's Broadway, April 1888), 76 pp. BL
    • [1887, Madras] The Goorkha-Currie and horsegram-pepperwater scandal in the Madras law courts, 1886 to 1888, containing full report of the case: magistrate's proceedings, cholera scare in police court in December 1887, and subsequent outbreak of cholera in the penitentiary, seven deaths, &c. (Madras : Printed by Addison and Co., [1889?]), 72 pp. BL
    • [1888, Calcutta]  The Jamalpur Mela case, or, The administration of criminal justice by executive officers in Bengal. (Calcutta : P.S. D’Rozario, 1888), 47 pp. BL
    • [1888, Kumbakonam] The case of P. Subramania Sastrial versus A. Sashia Sastrial C.S.I., Dewan Regent of Pudukotai, late Dewan of Travancore. (Kumbakonam : Lord Ripon Press, 1888), 76 pp. Cambridge 
    • [1891, Calcutta] The Chartered Bank Case. (Calcutta: Published by the "Statesman" Office, 3 Chowringhee,1891), 99 pp. HLS - MML.
    • [1892, Calcutta] The High handed proceedings of an official municipal chairman of Calcutta. Report of a trial in the high court of Fort William in Bengal with opinions of the press. (Calcutta, 1892). NLI
    • [1894, Calcutta] The Empress versus Segal Semba Sajow & Six Others. (Calcutta: Printed at The Catholic Orphan Press, 4, Portuguese Church Street, 1894), 97 pp. HLS - MML.
    • [1894, Nadia] The Trial of Debi Charan Moira Alias Halwai, for Murder, Nuddea Sessions, May, 1894. (Calcutta: Printed by W. Newman & Co. at The Caxton Press, c.1894), 143 pp. HLS - MML.
    • [1894, Calcutta] The Trial of Shama Charan Pal [for murder]: an illustration of village life in Bengal. With an introduction by Miss Orme, LL.B. [and a note by defendant's counsel Manomohana Ghosha.] Howrah Sessions. November, 1894. (London, 1897). Yale - MML. [InternetArchive]
    • [1895, Burdwan] The Assensole outrage case. Calcutta : Dino Nath Ray, [1895?]), 60 pp. UCLA [HathiTrust].
    • [1895, Surat] The Surat bribery case, 1895, Mr. F.S.P. Lely... report of proceeding, before the chief presidency magistrate & in the appellate side of the High Court of judicature. (Bombay: Bombay Gazette steam printing works, 1896), 51 pp.[?] NLI 
    • [1895, Calcutta]  The Budh-Gaya temple case. H. Dharmapala versus Jaipal Gir and others. (Prosecution under sections 295, 296, 297, 143 & 506 of the Indian penal code). (Calcutta, W. Newman, 1895). Ames, also Central Archaeology Library, Delhi - IA
    • [1897, Bombay] A Full and Authentic Report of The Trial of The Hon’ble Mr. Bal Gangadhar Tilak, B.A., LL.B., at The Fourth Criminal Sessions 1897. (Bombay: Printed at The Education Society’s Press, Byculla. 1897), 151 pp. HLS - MML. (The MS charge to the jury and report in the case are listed in the catalog of the Bombay High Court Library).
    • [1898, Calcutta] Bikaner Raj versus Thakur Singh  a translation of the proceedings in the case from the vernacular. (Calcutta, 1898). NLI
    • [1898, Madras] The Copyright Case S. Sitarama Sastri, B.A. vs. C. Parameswaran Pillai, B.A. (Editor of The Madras Standard) "Representative Indians" in Court or What Is Authorship? "Tempus Omnia Revelat"(Madras: Printed by H. Plumbe, at The Lawrence Asylum Steam Press, 1898), 198pp. HLS - MML

    Printed records of Courts Martial convened in British India

    • [1766, Calcutta] Case of Sir Robert Fletcher, with his court-martial. (S.l. [London], s.d. [1767?]). BL ECCO. The earliest printed court martial proceedings from India. The court was held September 1, 1766 at Mir Afzal's garden.
    • [1774, Calcutta] The Case of Giles Stibbert, Esq; Late a Major in the Honourable East India Company's Service, at Bengal. (London, 1774). BL/IOR. Not strictly a court martial but a memorial from an EIC officer lamenting his extrajudicial mistreatment. 
    • [1777, Bombay] Proceedings of the general court martial, on the trial of Joseph Liddell Farrer, captain of a battalion of Seapoys, in the honourable the East-India Company's service, at Bombay.(S.l. [London]: s.n., 1777). Yale (TrialsB F248).
    • [1784, Bombay/Surat]. The Case of Lieut. Stephen Dods, on the Bombay Establisment [sic], in the Service of the Honourable East-India Company (London, Logographic Press, n.d.), 45 pp. BL (Google Books). Not technically a trial narrative but an account of the correspondence and proceedings around the possible court martial of Stephen Dods.
    • [1790, Calcutta] Proceedings of the court-martial held on Lieutenant Duncanson. (Calcutta: Cooper and Upjohn, 1790). Not traced - Shaw 164.
    • [1791, Calcutta] The proceedings at large on the trial of Samuel Howe Showers, Esq. : lieutenant colonel in the service of the Hon. East India Company at a general court martial held in Fort William in Bengal, commenced the 15th day of January and concluded the 15th day of February, 1791. [Also includes: The trial of Lieutenant O'Halloran for defamation of the character of Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel Howe Showers] (London, 1796). 153 pp. HLS - MML
    • [1798, Madras]. The Trial of Captain Tanner, of the Artillery, on the Madras Establishment. (Madras?, 1798). Not traced - see SABREB p. 296
    • [1807, Bombay] The Following Short Account of a Court Martial. Held on Board his Majesty's Ship Culloden at Bombay Harbour, on the 27th March 1807. Is Printed by Captain Wm. Beauchamp Proctor, for the information & satisfaction of his friends; a publication therof in the newspapers of the place having been prevented. Bombay, April 16, 1807. (Bombay? 1807). Jarndyce Antiquarian Booksellers catalogue CCXXXIV, Winter 2018-2019, item 27.
    •  [1808, Madras] The Court Martial at Madras for the Trial of Lieut. Col. Robert Moncton Grant (Madras?,1808). Serampore
    • [1808, Trichinopoly] Proceedings of a court martial at Trichinopoly for the trial of Captain John Gourlay 1808. (London 1808). Serampore
    • [1809, Bangalore]. The following printed trial reports below all relate to the mutinies in the Madras army during 1808-9:
    1. Proceedings of a general court martial, held at Bangalore, on the trial of Major Joseph Storey of the 19th Regiment Native Infantry. (Madras : Printed at the Gazette Press, 1810), 69 pp. LOC. Also printed in Calcutta, 1810 (116 pp.) and London, 1810 (85 pp.) [InternetArchive]
    2. Proceedings of a general court martial, held at Bangalore, on the trial of Lieutenant Colonel John Doveton of the 8th Regiment Native Cavalry.([Fort St. George : Printed at the Courier Press, 1810), 46 pp. LOC
    3. Proceedings of a general court martial, held at Bangalore, on the trial of Lieutenant Colonel John Bell, of the Madras artillery. (Madras : Printed at the Govt. Press, 1810), 143 pp. LOC.
    4. Proceedings of a general court martial held at Bangalore on the trial of Lieut. Col. John Bell, of the Madras Artillery : with a sketch of the state of affairs in British India from 1780 to 1809 and an appendix consisting of letters and documents connected with the above. (London, 1835). 288 pp. NYCBA - MML
    5. The defence of Lieutenant-Colonel John Bell, of the First Battalion of Madras Artillery, on his trial at Bangalore, before a general court-martial, as it was read in court by his counsel, Charles Marsh, Esq. (London : Black, Parry & Kingsbury, 1810), 85 pp. [InternetArchive] and a reprint (London, 1835), 292 pp. HLS - MML.
    • [1812, Bangalore] Minutes of the Proceedings of a General Court-Martial holden at Bangalore 9th March 1812 on Asst.-Surgeon Macdonald. (London, 1814). BL/IOR
    • [1816, Madras] Explanation of circumstances which led to the trial of Captain Robert O'Brien, RN, by a court martial, in the East Indies. (London, 1818), 112 pp. NMM
    • [1822, Calcutta] Proceedings of a general court martial held at Fort William for the trial of Lieutenant J. Exshaw, 20th Regiment Native Infantry : on charges preferred against him by Major J.M. Coombs of the Madras Army and Town-Major of Fort Cornwallis. (Calcutta : Printed at the Government Gazette Press by A.G. Balfour, 1822). LOC
    • [1825, Calcutta] Proceedings at a European Court Martial in Calcutta 22 April 1825 for the Trial of Capt. P.B. Husband on the charge preffered against him by Lt. RA McNaghten Deputy Judge Advocate General. (Calcutta, 1825). Lincoln's Inn
    • [1828, Bombay] The trial of Captain John Betham, of the honorable company's marine, on charges preferred against him by Capt. Sir Charles Malcolm ... : including part of the correspondence relative thereto, and the documents rejected by the court. (Bombay, 1829) NMM and London, 1829. (71 pp.) Yale - MML. This trial took place at a "Marine court of Inquiry" in Bombay.
    • [1830, Cawnpore] Two texts on the court martial of William Torckler:
    1. Torckler, Lieut. W. Y. Trial for attempting to murder Lieut. Goldney. Proceedings of the European General Court-Martial assembled at Cawnpore 19th November 1829. (Cawnpore, 1830). BL/IOR
    2. The Remarkable Case of William Young Torckler, Formerly an Officer in The Service of The East India Company, on The Bengal Establishment; The Foul and Illegal Proceedings of His Court-Martial in 1830; his Removal from The Service Without Conviction of Any Crime; and The Utter Denial of Justice to him Ever Since on The Part of all The Authorities Concerned. (London: Printed for the Author by W.F. Carey,1858). HLS - MML.
    • [1832, Bombay] Proceedings of a General Court Martial, Holden at Bombay, and The Memorial of Lieutenant J.N. Rooke, of The Artilery, to The Honorable Court of Directors of The East India Company. ([London], C.M. Firth, Printer, c.1832), 25 pp. HLS - MML.
    • [1834, Madras?] Trial of Major John Watkins, of the Fifth regiment of light cavalry, Madras establishment. October, 1834. With notes. (n.p. n.d.). 42 pp. NYPL
    • [1834, Bangalore] Proceedings of an European General Court Martial upon the trial of Lieut. Col. T. H. S. Conway ... Bangalore, 1st October, 1834. (Madras, 1835). BL
    • [1839, Madras] Defence of Capt. W.[illiam] C. Chinnery at his trial. (Madras, 1839). Untraced - listed in the 1845 EIC library. [Chinnery was an officer in the 4th Native Infantry acquitted in 1839 by a court martial for undue influence - see a brief summary in the Asiatic Journal 1840 v.31 p177: (GoogleBooks)]
    • [1841, Dacca] Court martial General held at Dacca in December 1841 for the Trial of Lt. Pilford, narrative of the proceedings of. (Bombay,1842). BBRAS.
    • [1848, Calcutta] History of A Court Martial Held 21st February 1848 on Lieutenant Edmund Plowden, 5th Bengal Light Cavalry. Sentence Reversed in 1854. (London: Upham and Beet, 46, 1854), 138 pp. HLS -MML.
    • [1849, Lahore] Court Martial of Major Thomas Cooke. (London?, 1849). BL/IOR
    • [1858, Trichinopoly] The Proceedings of a Court of Inquiry held at Trichinopoly on the 22nd April, 1858 : Regarding the conduct of Surgeon Beetson. (Madras, 1859). 51 pp. NLI + Cambridge. For more on the case see the British Medical Journal 1860 [PubMed]. 
    • [1859?, Madras] Proceedings of a European General Court Martial on the Trial of Captain Frederick Crewe, Seventh Regiment Madras Native Infantry. (Madras: Printed at the Military Male Orphan Asylum Press, Mount Road. 1859), 52 pp.  HLS -MML.
    •  [1862, Mhow] The following texts relate to a series of courts martial in the Bombay Presidency:
    1.  Report of the Proceedings of a general court martial held at Mhow, in the Bombay Presidency for the trial of Paymaster Thomas Smales 6th Inniskilling Dragoons. (Mhow: Printed at the 72nd Highlanders Press, 1862). Oxford University. [GoogleBooks]
    2. Mhow Court-martial : proceedings of the Court Martial held at Mhow, in 1862, for the trial of Paymaster Smales of the 6th Regiment of Dragoons; War Office, 3 July 1863. (London: HMSO, 1863), 181 pp. BL
    3. The story of the Mhow Court-martial : with notes and an appendix. (London, 1864), 80 pp. BL
    4. Charges, opening address, and reply on the part of the prosecution : before a general court-martial held at Aldershot, Nov. 17, 1863, for the trial of Lieut.-Colonel Thomas R. Crawley, 6th Inniskilling Dragoons. (London : Rogerson and Tuxford, 1863), 51 pp. Social Law Library (Boston). 
    • [1866, Simla] Court Martial held at Simla for the trial of Scott Jervis on charges framed at the instance of General Sir W. Mansfield, proceedings of. (Simla, 1866). BBRAS, NYPL
    • [1870, Madras] Report of the Proceedings of the court-martial held on George Percy Gilbert ens. H.M. 60th Royal Rifles at Madras in Nov.-Dec. 1870. (Madras, 1870). Spencer.
    • [1881, Bombay] Proceedings of the General Courts-Martial held at Bombay in March and April 1881 for the trial of Major Albert Purcell Currie, 3rd Bombay Light Cavalry, and Colonel Henry Porter Malcolmson [Maiwand Courts-Martial]. (Bombay, 1881). NLI (Imperial Lib. shelfmark 4231)

    Printed Reports of Divorce Cases from British India

    These cases below were printed as a result of a Parliamentary statute of 1820 (1 George IV c. 101) entitled  "An Act to enable the Examination of Witnesses to be taken in India in support of Bills of Divorce on account of adultery committed in India" [GoogleBooks]. The British Parliament in London had to pass private bills of divorce for all those living in India. The 1820 statute allowed for the courts in India to take evidence in these proceedings to be sent to London. Most if not all of the divorce cases below were printed as part of the annual papers of the House of Lords in London.
    • [1828?, Madras] Evidence (Taken before the Supreme Court of Judicature of the Presidency of Madras) on the Bill, Intitled "An Act to dissolve the Marriage of Henry Peach Keighly, a Captain in the Service of the East India Company on their Madras Establishment, and Judge Advocate General of the Army on their said Establishment, with Anne his now Wife, and to enable him to marry again; and for other Purposes therein mentioned Ordered to be printed 9th February 1829. 61 pp. HLS - MML
    • [1838?, Madras] Proceedings of The Judges of the Supreme Court of Judicature at Madras on The Bill Intituled "An Act to Dissolve the Marriage of Johnstone Napier Esquire, "A Lieutenant Colonel in the Military Service of the East "India Company on their Madras Establishment, with Isabella "His Now Wife, and to Enable Him to Marry Again; and for "Other Purposes therein Mentioned." Pursuant to the Act 1 Geo. IV. Ordered to be printed 4th March 1839. HLS - MML.
    • [1839?, Madras] Proceedings of The Judges of The Supreme Court of Judicature at Madras on The Bill Intituled "An Act to Dissolve the Marriage of James Perry Esquire with "Elizabeth Margaret his now Wife, and to enable him to "marry again; and for other Purposes." Pursuant to the Act 1 Geo. IV. 1840. 70 pp. HLS - MML.
    • [1840?, Bombay] Proceedings (On the Ecclesiastical Side of the Supreme Court of Judicature of Bombay) On The Bill Intituled "An Act to Dissolve the Marriage of John Pascal Larkins, "Attorney at Law, with Eliza Bird his now Wife, and "to enable him to marry again; and for other Purposes "therein mentioned." Ordered to be printed 11th February 1841. 51 pp. HLS - MML
    • [1842, Calcutta] Proceedings of The Judges of the Supreme Court of Judicature of Bengal on The Bill Intituled "An Act to Dissolve the Marriage of William Hough, a "Major in the Military Service of the Honourable East "India Company, with Sophia his now Wife, and to "Enable him to Marry again; and for Other Purposes." Ordered to be printed 4th February 1842.47 pp. HLS - MML.
    • [1843?, Calcutta] Proceedings of The Judges of the Supreme Court of Judicature at Fort William in Bengal on The Bill, Intituled "An Act to Dissolve the Marriage of John Cheape Esquire, "a Lieutenant Colonel in the Military Service of the Honourable "East India Company, with Amelia Frances Chicheley Cheape "His Now Wife, and to Enable Him to Marry Again; and for "Other Purposes therein Mentioned." Ordered to be Printed c.1843, 39  pp. HLS - MML.
    • [1855, Calcutta] Proceedings in The Supreme Court of Judicature at Fort William in Bengal, on Ewing’s Divorce (India) Bill. 1855. 19 pp. HLS - MML.
    • [1855?, Bombay] Proceedings before The Judges of the Supreme Court of Judicature at Bombay, on Hadow’s Divorce (India) Bill. Ordered to be printed 26th June 1855. 85pp. HLS - MML.
    • [1856, Calcutta] Proceedings before The Judges of the Supreme Court of Judicature at Calcutta, on Bellew’s Divorce (India) Bill. N.p., 1856. 50 pp. HLS - MML.
    • [1857?, Bombay] Proceedings before The Judges of the Supreme Court of Judicature at Bombay, on Keays’ Divorce (India) Bill. Ordered to be printed 6th July 1857. HLS - MML.
    • [1858?, Bombay] Proceedings before the Judges of the Supreme Court of Judicature at Bombay, on Sandwith’s Divorce (India) Bill. Ordered to be Printed 15th February 1859. 57 pp. HLS - MML.
    • [1859?, Calcutta] Proceedings Before The Judges of The Supreme Court of Judicature at Fort William, in Bengal, on Dickinson’s Divorce (India) Bill. Ordered to be printed 8th March 1859. 37  pp. HLS - MML.
    • [1862?, Bombay] Proceedings Before The Judges of The Supreme Court of Judicature at Bombay, on Munbee’s Divorce (India) Bill. Ordered to be printed 27th February 1862. 121pp. HLS - MML.

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    BBRAS: The Library of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society

    BL/IOR: These titles are held in the India Office collections at the British Library. For references to the 1888 catalog see: Rost and Blumhardt. Catalogue of the library of the India office. London, 1888. [vol.1, part 1].

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    Kaul: H.K. Kaul. Early Writings on India. London, 1975 [Bibliography]

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    SABREB: Graham Shaw. The South Asia and Burma retrospective bibliography. London, 1987 [Bibliography]

    Shaw: Graham Shaw. Early Printing in Calcutta to 1800. London, 1980 [Bibliography]

    Serampore: The William Carey library at Serampore Baptist College (India).

    Spencer: University of Kansas/Spencer Research Library

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